Rent Request Form

Frequently asked questions:

1. What capacity do you need? (If you do not know, you can ask what function the equipment will perform? With this question you can better identify what type of equipment the customer needs (question 3) and if it requires Attachment. If you handle food, enter a freezer or are a pharmacist you should use White rubber.

2. Where will the equipment be used, Exterior, interior, both? With this question you can also identify if the client requests a gas equipment but really needs an electric one (if it is a closed warehouse). You can also identify the type of rubber, whether it will be pneumatic, traction, high rubber, etc.

3. What type of equipment do you need: Gas, Electric, Pallet, Tower, Order Picker? Gas equipment cannot enter the Freezer and electrical ones must be prepared for this use.

4. How high do you need? If you don’t know, ask Will it be used to store merchandise in Racks? If so, ask how many levels the Rack has to determine height.

5. Period of time the equipment will be used – Refer to the corrected process to know how to invoice the client.

6. Does it require a balcony (Load Back Rest)? According to the load it handles, it can be identified if it requires a balcony to prevent it from falling. Also the height of the equipment tower can make the balcony with beams or the ceiling collide and therefore they do not want it.

7. Nail size? With the type of merchandise that the client moves, we can also identify if it requires larger than standard nails. 42 ”nails are the norm in a team.

Electric equipment

1. Do you require a charger? If the customer says no, ask him what voltage is his charger and what size / color is the connector of the same (can provide photos).

2. If you require a charger, you should ask: What voltage does the building have (208 – 240 – 480) and if the outlet is single-phase or three-phase?

3. Will it be used inside the Freezer?

4. Do you have a dionizer? If you indicate yes, the Irrigation System must be included in the request.

Scissor / Scissor lift – Note: Scissor lifts cannot be left in the freezer.

1. What height do you want? At the moment we only handle 26 ’and to that is added the height of the person who will carry out the work.
2. Will the area to be used be flat? If you have an inclination, the scissors will not work since it can go sideways and its Security System does not allow it to be raised. If it is inclined, it is necessary to inform the client that he will need a Boom lift.

BoomLifts – Important: Boomlifts are rented for periods of more than a month. If they are not a fixed income, they are sub-paid and their periods are 4-week rentals.

1. What height does it require?

2. What kind of Boom do you need? Articulated or Telescopic? (see photos on Google to understand the difference)

3. Electric or Diesel? The higher it is, only Diesel comes.

If any other doubt or question arises, you are welcome to come to assist them.