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Our Approach

“General Machinery Contractors approach to our business is to meet daily demands by providing certified and licensed technicians to render service repairs in a fashionably timely matter without allowing downtime and increasing productivity, meeting the concerns of our clientele. The carefully balanced combination of knowledge and new energy is the key of our success in our market. Our goal is that all our customer needs will be cover by us”. Luis. R. Rivera Micheo President

Our History

GMC has been established since 2004, starting in construction equipment and service through the years, and diversified to industrial equipment because of the market condition. We are engaged in the sales, service, rental and leasing of pre-owned, refurbished, forklift, scissor and aerial boom. In addition, to parts and material sales. GMC began its operations with one store beholding ten employees located in Cataño. As the years incremented so did our company. Currently, General Machinery Contractors obtains forty (45) employees, two stores, on site technicians, repair shop trained technicians, and a company owned Forklift trainer of the trainer, with vast experience in material handling and repairs to ensure optimal efficient and effective quality service.

Important Facts

  • Current permanent staff: More than 45 employees.
  • Operating throughout Puerto Rico and the Caribbean’s.
  • Deliver immediate repairs of warehouse equipment, including forklift, scissor lift, golf car, and supplier of basic warehouse supplies.
  • Rent and sale all type of commercial, industrial and construction equipment to fulfil all customer demands in our market area.


To become the most successful well know sales, service, rental Forklift Company and Warehouse Supplier throughout Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.


General Machinery Contractors, Inc. objective is to deliver the greatest total value to our customers, fulfill needs, reduce cost, and add quality, in process and products. In the corporate area our mission is to improve continuously and purse business growth opportunities repeatedly.

Company Core Values

Customer Service

  • Listen carefully to understand and respond with urgency through effective communication
  • Flexible in problem solving in this ever changing environment with an honest approach

Integrity & Accountability

  • We are honest, ethical and assume responsibilities for our actions and not afraid to learn from mistakes.

Business Sustainability & Innovations

  • We do continuous business improvements to sustain our business proportion (long-term) and add value with our consistent participation with our company missions, values and vision, using technology and quality manpower to achieve excellence.

Our Merits

    • Maintain the fast response to our customers the same day when service or emergencies call.
    • Provide fleet management to distribution centers, pharmaceutics business, and warehouses (with fleet greater than one hundred (100) equipment) with resident technicians on site.
    • Professional quality of services provided by a highly qualified motivated team focus on satisfies the customer.
    • Biggest forklift parts seller in Puerto Rico.
    • Fastest growing forklift and equipment Company in Puerto Rico.